Why Seeds are Acceptable for Pet Birds to Have in Their Diet

Why Seeds are Acceptable for Pet Birds to Have in Their Diet

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Seeds are bad for pet birds, right? That’s what we hear a lot of internet/social chatter about. “Your bird will die if it only eats seeds!” “Seeds are BAD for birds!”

What is wrong with you people?

Grass parakeets have been living on GRASS SEEDS for tens no a HUNDRED MILLION years.

“It’s a muricle lord.”

Let your FID (Feathered Kid) have seeds BUT supplement them for nutritional value and to fight boredom.

Some things to know about commercial seed blends.

When you see “vitamin fortified” understand the “vitamins are sprayed on the seed hulls which end up on the bottom of the birdcage (or your floor) so the fortification adds no value.

Hagen Tropimix (above) is not only a well-rounded mix of seeds, nuts, fruit, and pieces of Tropican pellets, but the seeds are pre-hulled for maximum nutrition and a cleaner environment.

Which allows me to segway here into pellets.

“You must feed your bird pellets,” is a misguided statement on a few levels.

Firstly not all pellets are created equal but some are, well it’s complicated.

Take Harisson’s and Roudybush ~ 5 sizes of pellets, same ingredients.

Conversely, Hagen HARI Tropican pellets increase the protein content based on the size of the pellet.

Bigger pellet, bigger bird, higher caloric need ~ click here.


I’ve digressed haven’t I? ~ hmmmm that never happens.

OK, you’ve been a great crowd, let’s bring on the main event.



Seeds are often a go-to choice, but why are they so popular in bird diets? Let’s dive into the world of seeds and their role in keeping your pet bird healthy and happy.

Seeds are not just a snack; they’re a crucial part of a bird’s diet. They provide essential nutrients and energy that keep birds thriving. But what makes them so vital?

From sunflower to millet, there’s a variety of seeds available for pet birds. Each type offers unique benefits and flavors.

Many feel sunflower is too fatty and will substitute with safflower.

Higgins Safflower Gold Line has become our most popular line of bird food to date.

Balancing Seeds with Other Foods

While seeds are important, they shouldn’t be the only thing your bird eats. Learn how to create a balanced diet for your pet bird.

Not all seeds are created equal. The video below will guide you in selecting the best seeds for your budgie’s specific needs.

Other smaller and larger species will require experimentation on your part.

This is where the phrase “patience grasshopper” was invented.

Perfect Parakeet Seed Blend for Daily Delicious Nutrition ~ Video

Techniques That Will Help Determine What Food Your Bird Likes

Clear And Unbiased Facts About What Are The Best Seed, Blend And Pellet Diets For Captive Birds? (Without All The Hype).

Seeds and Bird Health

Seeds can impact a bird’s health in many ways. We’ll discuss how the right seeds can support your bird’s overall well-being in the post below.

The Role of Seeds in Mental Stimulation

Feeding time is also playtime for birds. Learn the best ways to prepare and present seeds, pellets, and other treats to your birds for maximum nutritional benefit.

Find out how seeds and other morsels (we call them nummies in our flock of 10 hookbills) can be used to keep your bird’s mind active in this video:

Alternatives to Seeds

Looking for alternatives to seeds? This post will introduce other healthy options for your bird’s diet.


Seeds are more than just a treat; they’re a key component of a healthy bird diet. By understanding their benefits and how to properly incorporate them, you can ensure your pet bird lives a long, healthy life.

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