Cage selection FAQ’s
Play Top Bird Cage for Medium Large Parrots by Prevue 3154 Coco

Cage selection FAQ’s

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Here’s some customer FAQS


Q – Its been 10 years since I purchased a new cage, and am trying to get something similar to what I have so the transition for Zack will be an easy one. His playtop has the half moon type ladders with crocks for feeding. Which brand that you use and carry do you suggest?

I’m looking for approx 23 or 24×32 or so. Mine is textured paint, do you feel that a smooth texture is easier to clean?? I would appreciate your help, and I’ll definitely order from you,

I’ve read the customer reviews and looked over your website, you all sound like bird lovers. We love the video of Snoball !! Oh yeah in that video are the cages in the background Prevue cages?? I liked the looks of them. Hope you can respond soon, Thanks, Cindy

Question – Please give your opinion about the best cage to replace my worn out California cage for my African Grey, I did look at the prevue model 3154 with the playtop, but don’t like that the 2 dishes aren’t on the same side of the perch. Can that be changed?

Answer- The Prevue 3154 is ideally suited for African Grays. The placement of the food cup on top is not really an issue for the birds. African Grays can live 70 years. In that life span we feel it is essential to constantly introduce change thus challenging the bird.

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