Which Pellet Bird Food Blends Have the Least Amount of Corn?

Which Pellet Bird Food Blends Have the Least Amount of Corn?

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Steve S. is concerned about the amount of corn in bird food,

He is a companion to a Goffins cockatoo AKA Tanimbar corella

Message: We have been using Harrison’s adult lifetime fine. The first ingredient is corn. We would like to cut back on her corn consumption.

If we understand correctly Higgins has less corn. If this is correct which Higgens would you recommend?

Dear Steve

You are correct. Harrison’s first ingredient is Corn.

As is Higgins Intune, Lafeber pellets, Hagen Tropican Lifetime and High Performance, Pretty Bird, Zupreem, and Roudybush Daily Maintenence.

Yes, corn mainly serves as a filler although birds do like it. As to the actual ratios of corn in each of these lines, we cannot say if Higgins Intune is lower than Harrisons.

What is the best pellet? The one your bird will eat.

Pellets are not natural for birds and there are no pellet trees in the rainforest.

If you can find a pellet your bird will eat, stick with it, and don’t bounce around looking for the elusive perfect pellet that your bird will relish.

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Every time you change pellets there will be a period where your bird will have to adjust and they might not for quite some time.

Pellets are made out of ingredients formulated to serve as a basic diet. Every manufacturer uses something as a base for their pellets. Corn is common, mainly due to availability and cost. But birds like corn and it helps to get them to accept pellets as a food.

Other things can be used instead of corn. TOPS uses Alfalfa which is grass. Hagen Tropican Alternative Formula uses Wheat, a grain.

TOPs Parrot Food  What Makes It Different ~ Video

Beyond the pellet base, each pellet manufacturer uses other ingredients to provide as complete a diet as possible. Ingredients for their main protein vary from ground sunflower seeds to soy or bone meal.

Each manufacturer’s recipe is different but with a mutual goal of keeping our captive birds healthy without guesswork for the owner.

Pellets are not meant to be a 100% diet and should be supplemented with fresh vegetables and some fruit and even a few nuts and even some seeds.

If you would like to try a corn-free pellet consider TOPS pellets or Hagen Alternative Pellets

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