Will My Brown Throated Conure Forgive Me?

Karen C. has a question about her conure,


I hope you guys don’t die laughing reading my dilemma.

Maybe I’m worrying needlessly but I just wanted another opinion on my problem.

I have a brown-throated conure that I bought 26 years ago and when I bought him he wasn’t quite weaned yet so I finished hand feeding him and we’ve had a very special bond all these years.

He loves to be petted just like a dog or cat and we spend a lot of hours in the evening with him perched on my shoulder watching t.v.


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Our Roof Is Getting Replaced What to Do With Our Birds?

Ann L. asks about ~Roof and Parakeets

A friend referred me here as I have 2 older Parakeets – 8 and 13 1/2 years old.

They fly free living on top floor condo 24/7 although very aware of the cage, choose not to go inside probably because their play areas provide great comfort so they sleep in them also in different sections according to seasons it seems.

They are supervised 24/7.

However, an upcoming roof replacement/repair project is of much concern due to the obvious very loud, unexpected rhythm of banging that will occur.


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How Dangerous Is Sharing Veggies in Grocery Deli Trays?

Linda and her FIDs are curious,

Hi, thanks for all your advice. How dangerous or not is sharing small amounts of veggies from tray from grocery store deli?

I often eat veggie trays for meals and want to share with CAG, G2, and GCC. If occasionally do you think it’s a treat snd. K? Normally their greens come from organic sources through the co-op.

We respect your advice.

Thank you, Linda & flock


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Is a Fruit and Vegetable Diet Enough for my BF Amazon?

Jan H is worried about her Blue Front Amazon’s diet and relates,


Willie is doing fine on a variety of fresh fruit and veggies, plus Harrison’s Adult Lifetime pellets and Higgins Safflower Gold for Parrots. Should I change or add anything?


Dear Jan

As they say, don’t fix what works. If your bird is healthy on its current diet, stick with it. The only change I would recommend is instead of Fruits and Vegetables, it should be Vegetables and Fruit.


Meaning more veggies, less fruit, especially the super sweet ones, and little to no citrus which includes tomatoes.


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Whats the Best Way to Introduce a New Carrier to My Cockatoo?

Patricia N. explains,


I have an Umbrella Cockatoo and have a new travel cage arriving soon. Always hard to get it to try anything new and he’s not a fan of cages, other than his usual ‘home’ cage.


Any tips on how best to get him inside his new travel cage. Thank you


Dear Patricia 


Set it up right next to the bird’s regular cage. On a table to raise it up if possible. Put some food in it, treats, toys, and let your bird check it out.


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Should I Imp My Baby Conure’s Feathers?
Conure is one of the species of parrot native to Latin America. From Mexico came down to the Caribbean and South Chile, Cinnamon Green Cheek.

Should I Imp My Baby Conure’s Feathers?

Bonnie D. is interested in,


Imping Feathers on a baby Conure




I recently adopted a baby conure – hatched 6/4/2021.


Her wings were clipped.


After I adopted her, I found information on the importance of birds keeping their flight feathers to help in balance, muscle tone, and even mental benefits.



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How We Handle our 38-year-old DYH Amazon’s Heart Disease

Patty M. relates,

My 38-year-old DYH Amazon just had an echocardiogram done by Dr. Fitzgerald, an avian cardiologist specialist. It was a beneficial exam that helped us adjust Pancho’s meds. Pancho has the typical Amazon heart disease, but it doesn’t mean the end if you take special care and take advantage of all the modern technology available.

Pancho has been on Isoxsuprine and Enapril for 5 years!

She gets checkups with blood work every 6 months.

With the guidance of my Avian Accredited Veterinarian, she is doing better than expected.


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What is a Suitable Perch for a Disabled Parakeet?

Vee B. is seeking a disabled parakeet perch.

Hi, I’ve rescued a disabled parakeet named Henry.

He was malnourished when he was young and the vet believes that’s why over time he has lost the ability to clutch anything with his feet.

In addition, the prior owner had his wings clipped incorrectly so he can’t fly either.

Consequently, he spends all his life on the bottom of the cage, with his bird buddies often pooping on him and he can only scoot along the sides of the cage using his beak to clutch the cage.


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