Whats the Best Way to Introduce a New Carrier to My Cockatoo?

Patricia N. explains,


I have an Umbrella Cockatoo and have a new travel cage arriving soon. Always hard to get it to try anything new and he’s not a fan of cages, other than his usual ‘home’ cage.


Any tips on how best to get him inside his new travel cage. Thank you


Dear Patricia 


Set it up right next to the bird’s regular cage. On a table to raise it up if possible. Put some food in it, treats, toys, and let your bird check it out.


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Can My Quaker and Lovebird Share a Cage?

Sharyl R. asks about birds sharing a single cage.


I have a Quaker and a lovebird and they are inseparable.


They have recently become roommates.



Their cages are next to each other with doors kept open.


They stay in the Quakers cage, Kas.


Is it ok to keep them together?


My Quaker does get aggressive if I go to get Jelly, my lovebird.



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How Do I Handle My Molting Green Cheek Conure With Another Bird?
Pineapple Conure

How Do I Handle My Molting Green Cheek Conure With Another Bird?

Lisa N writes,

Hey Catherine hope all is well I need your help again I thought by now I would be a better mommy 🙂

Our Reggie is molting big time she loves taking a bath every day I know it’s a rough time for birds but we also have a Pineapple conure and yes one is a boy and Reggie is the girl.


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Does My Parrotlet Need a Full Spectrum Light Source?

Chris S. reached out to ask,

Does a parrotlet need a full spectrum light source?

And if so does it need it all year round if living in eastern PA?

Dear Chris

Unless you are living along the equator, no, natural lighting is not going to replicate what tropical birds need to keep their hormones level.


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Have You Ever Experienced a Bird With “Bumblefoot”?

Karen C. asks,


Have you ever experienced dealing with a bird that has developed what they are calling “bumblefoot”?


I have a parakeet that has a sore spot on the bottom of one of its feet.


When I looked it up on the internet it didn’t seem like much could be done and this little guy isn’t finger trained.


He was a rescue along with 3 other birds.


It’s quite a feat to catch him at all and I don’t want to stress him out anymore than the poor thing already is.


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Will Full-spectrum Lighting Damage My Bird’s Eyes?

Rob K. relates, 


Mitch, I have read much and understood all of your points about lighting. My bird is a Congo African Grey.


My concern is that I have also read articles about the danger of eye damage such as cataracts from such closeness and intensity of the light.


At the equator, high noon footcandles range from 9-10,000 and cycle up and down moonlight to moonlight (.01 FC @ full moon) and between dawn & dusk (10 FC).



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Why Are My Darling Birdling Female Parakeets Not Getting Along?

Barbara T. writes


My darling birdlings, parakeets, happen to both be female.


One, MoonShadow, is approx 7 years old…a rescue.


When her partner passed last year, after the funeral, MoonBirdy was sooo lonely, depressed, inactive.


We, in mid pandemic, bought a pet shop friend for her. Of course, the pet shop attendant assured my husband Mercury was Male.

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