We’ve Learned How Much We Know and Don’t Know About Captive Bird Care After Taking the Exam

Find the Birdy IQ exam here if you haven’t taken it

Of the first 170 exams we had a 25% pass with 75% correct answers to 44 multiple and true/false questions

Please share your comments below terms if you think this helped or did not.

What else would you like to see?

more questions and/or explanations to the answers.

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Chicken coop cleanliness

Buff-colored Polish Laced Chicken.
In our email newsletter of 12/16/2012 found here: http://goo.gl/Whg3c one of our readers took issue with a statement we posted highlighted in orange below. We are posting her response which hopefully will provide clarity in the issue
Odor control & birds
Dear Fellow Parrot Lovers: I am one of your customers and I would like to know what in the line of spray, plug-ins or other items can I safely use in my African Gray parrots room to control unpleasant odors. I’m 67 and somewhat handicapped but I clean his cage and room as often as possible. “Thanks A Bunch”   (more…)

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