How Do I Get My Older Umbrella Cockatoo to Embrace Pellets?

Hi, I am the very happy owner of a 27-year-old umbrella cockatoo.

I’ve had her for about 12 years (her previous owner passed).

She’s always been a picky eater.

She of course loves peanuts and all things that are not good for her.

I’m still trying to find a pellet she will eat to balance her nutrition.

Please help with any suggestions. She’s very active and has beautiful plumage. I just worry about her diet. Thank you,



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Thank You for Recommending Tropican by HARI

Jen M. writes, 


Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the Hagen Tropican recommendation!


We ordered the sticks.


Our macaw just loves them and they smell amazing!


I feel so good knowing that I’m feeding them healthy food.


I had no idea that Zupreem had sugar in it and all that color can’t be good.


We also ordered the Prime Vitamin per your recommendation.



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What Is a “good” Diet for a 3-year-old Eclectus Parrot?

Julia M. asks,


Top of the morning! Could you tell me what a “good” diet is for a three-year-old Eclectus?


I have had him since the middle of his weaning.


Editors note ~ about 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning you can tell the sex by the bird’s color. Males are green, females are red, so Julia can use the pronoun “him” with certainty. Endnote



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