How Do I Fix My Peach-faced Lovebird’s Beak Issues?

Brian M. is concerned,


I have a peach-faced lovebird that seems to have an issue with his beak.


His beak has never been trimmed and he has a stone that he rubs his beak on to grind it down. Recently the top part broke and it is smaller now but the lower part of the beak looks like it needs to be trimmed.


I read where some people trim them but I made an appointment with the vet.


I am nervous about taking the bird there he has never been taken anywhere.


I am afraid he can’t eat everything with the lower long beak.



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Is Lafeber Avi-era Superior to Nekton-S for an Avian Vitamin?

Michael G. asks,


Mitch, you spoke about vitamins today, specifically Lafeber Avi-Era.


You’ve approved the diet for Big Boy Grey and Little Girl Grey.


I always used Nekton-S in their water until I learned from you about using a bigger amount of pellets and fewer seeds.


They eat each well and seem to enjoy their overall diet with fresh fruits and veggies for “lunch” each day.



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What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?
Copyright Laszlo Konya

What are Good Protein Sources for Parrots?

Gabby M. relates

Hi all,

I make a chop of fresh veggies and if I can, fruit, but my guys do not seem to like fruit, since we incorporated it into the diet my Senegal Gabby does not eat any of his seed mix or his pellets or anything but the chop, I have incorporated beans and edamame into it for protein but am afraid he might not be getting enough protein.

I am putting it in twice a day at the evening change of food and in am before I head out so he has more to eat.

I am not sure if he gets enough protein in his diet with only the beans?


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What Toxins Found in Peanuts Are Bad for My Bird?

Cynthia W. writes

I finally saved up money to buy a huge bag of roasted peanuts and now I’m worried about the toxins.

I thought roasted would help, but I guess not.

I purchased (for human consumption) from a company that seems legit Hampton Farms No Salt Roasted In Shell Peanuts, 5 lb. Bag Brand: Hampton Farms.

Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?

(Not hermetically sealed just in a ziplock bag) I hate to throw them out as my parrots like them as a treat. I guess I need to peel from the shell from what I read as the shell has most of the Aflatoxin.


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