Thank You for Recommending Tropican by HARI

Jen M. writes, 


Hi, we just wanted to thank you for the Hagen Tropican recommendation!


We ordered the sticks.


Our macaw just loves them and they smell amazing!


I feel so good knowing that I’m feeding them healthy food.


I had no idea that Zupreem had sugar in it and all that color can’t be good.


We also ordered the Prime Vitamin per your recommendation.



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What Is a “good” Diet for a 3-year-old Eclectus Parrot?

Julia M. asks,

Top of the morning! Could you tell me what a “good” diet is for a three-year-old Eclectus?

I have had him since the middle of his weaning.

Editors note ~ about 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning you can tell the sex by the bird’s color. Males are green, females are red, so Julia can use the pronoun “him” with certainty. Endnote


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How Do I Reduce My Male Budgies Aggression?

I look forward to getting your email every Sunday and reading it has become as much a ritual as the old Sunday paper.

And now I have a question for you.

Thunder and Lightning are my bonded parakeets.

I’ve had them for years.

Last summer I saw more and more breeding activity, so I bought a box and let nature take its course.

Thunder laid four eggs, one of which was fertilized.


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How Do I Fine-tune 2 African Greys Diet Beyond Trial & Error?

Michael G. relates,


Y’all have approved of my feeding practices but I have a question.


After trial and error, I have gotten the size pellet the grey’s need.


I am using Roudybush medium Daily Maintenance.


I am always in search of treats and supplements to make them “happy” as they seem to be.


I am wondering about using the California blend.



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