Can You Self Medicate Your Bird – What Would You Need?

Can You Self Medicate Your Bird – What Would You Need?

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We need to provide reasons for you to spend time on our website and eventually have the trust to shop with us. While looking at our website recently, placing myself in your position, I found myself looking at many products that didn’t necessarily explain themselves well.

Rather than assuming that you know what a product is for just because you see the title, is a poor assumption on our part.

We are dedicated to providing solutions that help you maintain a high quality of life for your captive bird(s). With that in mind, I’m going to take a moment to outline some health problems people may have with their birds while at the same time providing – possible – solutions.

We’re not here to replace your veterinarian.

We’re here to hopefully to keep you down to one “well bird” checkup a year. I’ve identified a dozen of the most prevalent bird-keeping health problems we see and matched them up with some potential solutions.

Problem: Your bird will only eat seed and you wonder if he or she is getting the right nutrition – Solution: Hagen HARI Prime Multivitamin Supplement – Even vitamin-fortified seed will not ensure your bird gets all the nutrition necessary to keep an animal that can fly, in optimal health

Why does your bird need PRIME? ~ Video

Problem: Poop is covering everything in the cage and my bird keeps walking through it – Solution: Poop off cuts Cage Cleaning Time in Half. It is a powerful enzyme-based cleaner that we believe is the world’s best cage cleaner/deodorizer.

Twice the dirt-eating enzymes of the leading poop remover. Just spray and wipe, no rinse is needed. Will not harm metal or painted surfaces.

Problem: Feather plucking – Solution: NatraPet nopick

Can we cure feather plucking?  Feather-In is a new approach to treating dry skin-related feather picking. Per Paula H of Springfield IL “We have successfully treated three of our birds for seasonal feather picking using this product.

The product works immediately (which gives us the impression that their feather problems are irritation-oriented rather than behaviorally oriented.) We also provide our birds with attention, toys, and a varied and well-balanced diet”.

Problem: Screaming: Solution: Nekton Relax for Birds Can Help With Parrot Stress 130g
Bird safe, non-sedating, non-toxic. Deposit on fruit, veggies, or seed. L-Theanine has been the subject of serious intensive research relating to animal behavior.

Studies of pet dogs and cats with problems such as excessive barking, aggression and destructive behavior have proven L-Theanine’s effectiveness in treating these problems.

Problem: Calcium loss due to egg laying – Solution: Nekton Calcium Plus for Birds 35g – North American light cycles trick our female birds into abnormal egg production. Egg production depletes calcium in a hen’s body.

Nekton Calcium Plus for Birds is a high-performance calcium/magnesium supplement, with added vitamin D3, formulated for maximum absorption in the gut and clear solubility in drinking water. Cal-D-Solve contains no color or flavoring and no preservatives. It is used when calcium deficiency is present or for chronic egg layers or birds producing soft shell eggs

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written by Mitch Rezman CMO
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