How I Fixed My Rescued Moluccan Cockatoo From Feather Plucking

How I Fixed My Rescued Moluccan Cockatoo From Feather Plucking

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When I took in a rescued Moluccan cockatoo he had 3 large sores and no feathers on his chest. 

We provided him with a 4’×4’×6′ aviary cage with bird lighting, an open window to allow filtered afternoon sun for him to sit in, toys in the 1/3 to 1/2 upper part of the cage, and lots of rope and solid perches. 

An adjoining aviary cage is home to a female Yellow Naped Amazon. 

We gave him water spray baths

His chest sores got a little smaller but still no chest feathers. 

You wrote about a product called ‘Natrapet Bird Bath Plumage and Skin Conditioner‘.  I bought this product from your shop and started using it about twice a week, primarily on the lower back and avoiding the face. 

It’s been a while but he now has all but healed the chest sores and now has chest feathers.  We are still spraying under his wings. 

I did not think he would regrow his chest feathers but I was wrong about that. 

He is not fully feathered but fairly close.  So, thank you very much for recommending and selling this product.

Catherine wrote:

Dear Torun

That is wonderful news for sure. We think the Natra products are very good as well.

We have added your wonderful story to the Natra Bird Bath spray listing so others can hear of your great success.

Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray and the Natra Pet NoPick Spray are wonderful items to have on hand. We recently had a budgie with an injured shoulder. We used the Natra NoPick Spray on it and he left it alone long enough to heal.

Thank you

Mitch and Catherine

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