How We Were Evacuated In A Raft With Our Eclectus Parrot

How We Were Evacuated In A Raft With Our Eclectus Parrot

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Jerri M. asks

We live in NC and as you are probably aware, Hurricane Matthew has created some problems.

We were evacuated in a raft, with our Eclectus Parrot.

Since we have returned home, she is acting stressed and exhibiting behaviors that I have not witnessed before this.

She is shredding her rope perches, pacing back and forth, her small under feathers are coming out, and she has an upset stomach.


Can you please tell me what I can do for her?


We are back home and she is in her cage with all of her familiar things around her. She just does not seem to be the content bird she was before all of this happened.


The nearest avian vet is an hour away and I am not even sure if the roads are passable between here and there.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


Jerri M.

Catherine Tobsing replied

Dear Jerri


Your bird was traumatized that is obvious.


Was she ever wet or did she consume anything that could have become contaminated by the flood waters?


If so, I would make it a point to get her to your Avian Vet if at all possible.


Make a phone call and find out if the vet is there and check on road conditions and make the trip.


You would if for your child.


Try adding the app to your Smartphone, it is a wonderful peer-to-peer GPS program that works well to guide you around bad traffic, etc.


Otherwise, only time will heal. We wish you the very best recovery for your Ecky.


Thank you


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.


Luckily, Gabi did not get wet or even near the water and her food was also safe.


I have spent the day with her next to me and she does seem to have calmed down a little.


Again, thank you for your time and good advice.


Jerri M.



In a month I will be receiving my weaned female Eclectus, I would like your opinion on seed and pellets.

Many have said these birds should not get either of these.


I understand they need fresh fruit and veggies.


What other food products would you recommend?


Thank You,


Ted S.


Greetings Ted,


Congratulations on the new bird.


Most of what you read on the Internet about bird care is wrong and is based upon nothing more than anecdotal evidence.


A well-rounded commercial bird food like Higgins Safflower Gold or Hagen Tropimix Large Parrot should be the base diet for your new Ekkie.


The Internet is awash in information about Eclectus parrots having an elongated digestive system.


The thinking has been that if you provide too many vitamins and minerals it will sit in their system for too long and potentially have a toxic effect on the bird.


I’ve spoken at length to Dr. Laurie Hess, an avian veterinarian in practice for 30 years and spokesperson for Zupreem pet foods


She was very clear that in her years at school she performed many tests on any number of parrot and bird species.


Eclectus parrots process food from their beak to the moment it becomes bird poop with the same timeline of any other parrot.


Here’s an answer to an effective strategy for feeding pet birds.


Your new bird will have anywhere from 6000 – 8000 feathers.


Feathers are built from amino acids and amino acids come from proteins.


There’s not a lot of protein in fruits and vegetables which is why we advocate that your bird’s diet should consist of no more than 30% fresh food.


Volkman has a seed mix exclusively for Eclectus parrots.


That said a straight seed diet has been shown to facilitate beak overgrowth for eclectus parrots.


Commercial food diets found on our website are designed for specifically pet birds.


Not wild bird, not waterfowl, not raptors. not songbirds.


Our bird and parrot food is all designed to provide maximum nutrition economically per kilo/calorie


Far too often people mistakenly try introducing lots of human food into a species whose systems operate in very different ways than mammals.


There is no need to spend lots of time creating custom meals for your birds.


We offer a dish of mixed veggies (from frozen) every morning.


(2 dishes) Chopped for the (10) budgies, whole chunks for the ringneck.



Commercial bird food blends are created to keep your bird healthy allowing for time to socialize with the animal, something that should take precedence in your life.


Hope that helps







Mitch Rezman

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