I Am Trying to Find Fluorescent Tube Lighting for My 2 Amazons

I Am Trying to Find Fluorescent Tube Lighting for My 2 Amazons

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Marsha Asks:

Hi there – I’m trying to find fluorescent tube lighting for my two Amazons, as I understand the compact bulbs don’t carry quite the same punch.

What few I’ve found with high CRI (93+) and 5000K (Kelvin) are only available in packages, etc., so I’m wondering if LEDs rated at the same level are as beneficial, since workshop lamps, etc, of that sort, are easily available and much more easily installed.

Hi Marsha,


CRI is of no value to humans nor birds but architects love using the term.


Compact fluorescent bulbs have more than enough “punch” but tubes do provide greater coverage.

LEDs will stress birds due to their fusion flicker rate.


The quality of light is not what’s important, it’s the light cycle, typically 12 hours on and 12 hours off which helps keep birds (and humans) circadian rhythms in check.


Keeping the lights no more than six inches over the cage will maximize their lumens.


How Caged Bird Keepers Get the Lighting Thing Wrong


After all said and done should you select fluorescent tubes, please install food service tube covers for safety.


Stay safe


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