My Blind Cockatoo Has No Lighting How Can He Produce Vit D?

My Blind Cockatoo Has No Lighting How Can He Produce Vit D?

Christy has a question about our favorite vitamin

Hi. Just wondering which vitamin D supplement you would recommend.  I have a blind cockatoo and I don’t have bird lighting.

I’m not sure the bird’s lighting I used before didn’t cause her cataracts. 

But she is also older. 

Can birds get too much vitamin D?

I thoroughly. enjoy your weekly newsletters. 



Appreciate the kind words, Christy,

First off, it’s important to note, you-are-not-alone

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It’s unlikely your lighting caused your Too’s cataracts

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Not our first vitamin D Rodeo, here is some of what we learned about Vitamin D and bird lighting:

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To your point simply dissolving Avi-Vera Bird Vitamins by Lafebers 1.25 oz – Windy City Parrot in your cockatoos daily water is all you need.

<br />

We prefill 1-liter bottles with the solution as we refresh 8 watering dishes – twice daily



It must be 4:00

Trafull of soiled bird food and water dishes

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