Should I Be Offering My Pet Bird Vitamins?
Should I Be Offering My Pet Bird Vitamins?

Should I Be Offering My Pet Bird Vitamins?

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Janet C. relates,

I am in the process of getting my cockatiel “Rascal” to eat more fresh foods.

Since the intro of better lighting (thank you) I am making progress. So far corn (canned), broccoli (baby), dandelion (red vein), so you see he is a bit picky should I be using vitamins? And is so which is best for “Mr. Picky”.

Catherine wrote:

Dear Janet

Great for trying to improve your ‘tiels life. We also have a very picky cockatiel, Barney.

He came to us at 8 years old and getting him to eat anything other than seed is a struggle.

Thankfully we do have other birds, so monkey see, monkey do, and it has helped him to do better. But he still barely does more than nibble at a bit of apple in his fresh food breakfast.

I still chop up other veggies (kale, thawed mixed veggies) and pile on top of the apple in hopes he eats something on his way to the apple.

I DO feel better that I give him and all the others drinking water with vitamins in it.

I will make a quart bottle of the mixture and keep it in the fridge, doling it out 1-2 times daily.

Here are 3 very good bird vitamin candidates.

If you have never used vitamins before. I recommend you offer the vitamin water at half strength for a week or so as there might be a flavor that is unknown and your bird may need to get used to it. Then after a week or two, you can increase the dosage to the recommended amount.


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