Should I Get a New Bird in Spite of Having Two Dogs?

Should I Get a New Bird in Spite of Having Two Dogs?

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Joanne C. Inquires


Dear Mitch and Catherine.


Our 22-year-old sun conure recently passed.


She was a family member her entire life.


We occasionally look at bird rescue sites.


My hesitation is we have 2 dogs that limit just how much a bird can be out of the cage.

Before our pups, our bird had a big and stimulating life. I keep asking myself if that kind of restricted life would be a blessing or curse.


Any thoughts? Thanks very much.


Dear Joanne


 As much as I would like to say that having a bird will enrich your life, etc, etc, etc. I do feel that you already have two wonderful pets, your dogs and they will be more than enough to fulfill your family.


You have already answered your question, Your new bird would have to live within a cage for much of its life to protect it.


Not a life I would want to live or to have for my pet who is going to live oh so long. 


Enjoy your memories, frame some pictures of your past sunny, and get into your dogs.


They can offer you so much and help you get OUT of the house more. 


Thank you for writing.


Catherine Tobsing

Customer Advocate, Windy City Parrot
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