Is the Corona Virus Making Your Bird Hormonal?

Editors note: In the featured image above, Barney was obsessing with the other bird in the mirror as Catherine observed.

We have since blocked access to that part of the mirror and Barney has become far more social (less hormonal). Endnote

One of the reasons we are able to stay in business going up against the likes of Amazon and Chewy is that we answer the phone and can provide useful advice.

And although PetSmart and Petco will answer the phone on a national or store level, good luck with getting information about proper care for your white-capped Pionus.

There is been a definite uptick of calls and emails seeking advice for birds exhibiting bad hormonal behavior.


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Is There A Hormone To Calm My Over Sexed African Grey Parrot?

I have had my male African grey parrot for 28 years.

When he matured sexually years ago he started plucking.

I have him on a plumage supplement now and he has lots of new quills and looks much better.

However, he humps my arm with a thick sweater on.

He goes to completion if I let him once a day.


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Can I Train An Aggressive 7 YO African Grey?

Inna asks

Hello. We have a 7 year old African grey.


Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.


We are having problems with his behavior.


He attacks. He bites. He is angry.


He only obeys one person in the house.


Is it too late to train him?


Who can we turn to?

Thank you. 



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How Can I Stop My Parrot From Plucking Its Feathers?
diseased blue small parrot, scratching from the itch and plucking its feathers, probably bird lice or mites

How Can I Stop My Parrot From Plucking Its Feathers?

From a Facebook fan last night

I’ve got a Catalina macaw that has a problem of plucking, I took her to the vet, she has a clean bill of health, now if anyone can help with the feather plucking problem, I would appreciate it, Thanks 

From a customer on the West Coast during a phone call this week

“My 14-year-old lovebird began to pluck for no reason at all.

We have him on the best foods we can provide like Harrison’s pellets but we had to put a collar on her to stop the feather loss.

Nothing has changed in her life and she is fully flighted”


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What Are The Right Human And Commercial Foods For My Pet Bird
A green parrot eats cookies from human hands. The concept of pet nutrition.

What Are The Right Human And Commercial Foods For My Pet Bird

Shouldn’t we learn how to find the right foods for our pet birds?

Feathered factoid: as much as 30% of a bird’s calories are used in the production and maintenance of feathers.

Editor’s note: We don’t know what bird food your bird will like any more than what you like on Netflix.

“Transparent”, “Scandal” or “The Walking Dead,” shows are both loved and reviled.

We do know that instinctively your bird has a desire to “search” or “forage” for food seven days a week.


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Why Do My 2 Amazon Parrots Get Scared When I Put Toys In Their Cage

Angela wrote:

It does not matter if the toys are small, medium or large.

mitchr asks

Do they tolerate plexiglass? Plastic?

Angela said

Locking rings are a toy I offer but they will not play with them.

Instead, they go around them as if the ring toys were in their way or annoyed them


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How We Were Evacuated In A Raft With Our Eclectus Parrot

How We Were Evacuated In A Raft With Our Eclectus Parrot

Jerri M. asks

We live in NC and as you are probably aware, Hurricane Matthew has created some problems.

We were evacuated in a raft, with our Eclectus Parrot.

Since we have returned home, she is acting stressed and exhibiting behaviors that I have not witnessed before this.


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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Smallest Species of Pet Birds


Zebra Finches – Gray Chestnut Finches – Flanked White Finches – Fawns Lightback Finches – Black Cheek Finches – Black Breasted Finches – Florida Fancy Finches – Orange Breasted Finches – Penguin Finches – Pied Finches – Eumo Finches – Agate Finches – Recessive Silver Finches – Black Face Finches – Fawn/Gray Cheek Finches – Dominant Silver Finches – Crested Finches – White Finches – Yellow Beak Finches – Timor Finches – Society Finches – Society Finch (Bengalese) – White Rumped Mannikin Finches – Gray Crown Mannikin Finches – Java Finches – 


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How Do We Know Parrots Enjoy Anything?

How do we know parrots enjoy anything?


Another question recently asked on Quora was “what do parrots do for fun”?


We know parrots prefer “working” for food versus simply eating from overflowing bowls of bird food blends.


We know correlation does not necessarily imply causation but can we correctly infer that work & play are one and the same for a parrot?


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