Does It Look Like My Caique Is Getting Stress Feathers?

Susan F. is concerned,

I just noticed a patch of black on Seymour’s right side just now. 

Should I be overly concerned about this enough to get her in to see the vet? 

I have been giving Seymour 1/2 of a strawberry almost every day for the past two weeks. 

Could that be causing this? 

Also, I have been trying to file Seymour’s nails with a crystal file for the last several weeks on Sundays to get her used to it and to do a little at a time…perhaps 5 mins because she pulls away so often.


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A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your birds stay happy and healthy around the clock.

This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana.

The number of things necessary to provide foraging enrichment for your birds can be found in a series of quick and simple ideas.


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Why Should I Weigh My Bird Regularly?

This scale will weigh any size parrot or parakeet. Got a long tail Ringneck? Place the scale on edge of the counter or table and let the tail hang over ~ see video below)

I don’t have time to weigh my bird, just came off your caged bird keepers excuse list.
  • Weight Range from 0~3000g (105.8219 oz)
  • Measures Grams and Ounces
  • Precise to 0.1oz and accurate digital kitchen scale with Zero and Tare function
  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Auto-off while not using


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That Hookbill In Your Home – How Much Do You Know About Bird Beaks?

Rotary trimmers are becoming very popular when people realize how easy it is to trim their own bird’s nails while saving money at the same time.

Although we recommend using an electric nail trimmer to keep your bird’s nails trimmed neatly we do not recommend that you attempt to trim your bird’s beak.

It’s a sensitive organ and has a lot of sensory receptors and which could potentially be very painful to your bird if handled in the wrong way, which got me to thinking about today’s topic.


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How Do I Fix My Peach-faced Lovebird’s Beak Issues?

Brian M. is concerned,


I have a peach-faced lovebird that seems to have an issue with his beak.


His beak has never been trimmed and he has a stone that he rubs his beak on to grind it down. Recently the top part broke and it is smaller now but the lower part of the beak looks like it needs to be trimmed.


I read where some people trim them but I made an appointment with the vet.


I am nervous about taking the bird there he has never been taken anywhere.


I am afraid he can’t eat everything with the lower long beak.



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I Am Horrified With the Answer About What Temperature Is Safe

Mitch, I am horrified at the answer you gave the woman who wrote to you asking what temperature is safe when taking her Parrot camping


Your answer was very open-ended–too open to interpretation.


I have a very extensive science and medicine background so your answer horrified me because there are so many people of all ages with such differing temperature tolerances.


I have seen on more than 2 occasions people outside in weather in the 20s-30s Fahrenheit temperature range out and about without a jacket and in a thin shirt or top.


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How Do I Wrangle This Quaker Under Control?

Subject: Re: Hi Leigh ~ Why Won’t This African Grey Play With His Toys?

Hello Mitch!

I wanted to thank you for your awesome weekly email – I look forward to the information and the humor every week!

I have a question on lighting and biting:

We have a 4yr old Quaker, Boop, who we think is male… does a bit of chest plucking – almost like a Tourettes behavior… but he seems to get awful pin feathers. It’s better now I have him on an avian vitamin powder.


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How Do I Care for a Splay Legged Parakeet?

Suzanne H. is concerned about a Splayed leg 1-month-old parakeet.


My parakeets had 4 chicks. 3 are fine.


The youngest turned out to be a splayed leg.


Went to the vet with the baby.


He said there is just a 10% chance the baby could be fixed to be almost normal.


It didn’t work.



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Should I Be Concerned With a Spot on My Bird’s Beak?

Lois D. has a question about bird beaks:


My 12 yr old male Jenday is in fine health–eating and playing and chewing wood etc all day.


But I just noticed a spot on his beak (right side) bottom, that is bare (not black)-I cleaned his beak.


Just wondering–have searched the internet and all my books– can’t find a thing.


Can you help?


Should I be concerned? Thanks so much.



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