I Am Horrified With the Answer About What Temperature Is Safe

Mitch, I am horrified at the answer you gave the woman who wrote to you asking what temperature is safe when taking her Parrot camping


Your answer was very open-ended–too open to interpretation.


I have a very extensive science and medicine background so your answer horrified me because there are so many people of all ages with such differing temperature tolerances.


I have seen on more than 2 occasions people outside in weather in the 20s-30s Fahrenheit temperature range out and about without a jacket and in a thin shirt or top.


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Why Are My Green Cheek Conures Unable to Fly When Wet?

Why Are My Green Cheek Conures Unable to Fly When Wet?

Chris T. is concerned about:


My 2 birds are not repelling some of the water.


I’m not sure how to state this but the water would bead up and not get completely wet.


After bathing could fly. Now they are completely wet and cannot fly.


I am wondering if they have a vitamin deficiency, or it can just be age?



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How Do I Get My Rescue African Grey Parrot to Bathe?

Gail M. would like to know


My birds are all rescues.


I have a CAG (Congo African Grey) of about 18.


He is I believe in a Featherland cage.


Very large four feet wide and two deep dome top.


The dishes for food and water have a bar across to keep them from falling into the cage and having a transparent cover outside.


He tries to bathe in the water dish.



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What Is the Lowest Temperature Can My 2 Greys Survive Outside?
Two beautiful gray parrots on the branches

What Is the Lowest Temperature Can My 2 Greys Survive Outside?

Grae W. wonders


Hello, I have two 21-year-old grays, that I have had since they were young babies.


They are very healthy and happy birds. In the winter months, in the south (NC), I put them out in their cage on sunny, non-windy days, if it’s above 47 degrees.


As their cage loses the sun, I bring them in, and put them on their perch, in a glass door walk-in shower.


I have asthma, so must not bring in their cage.



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Why Has My Senegal Stopped Eating His Harrison’s Pellets?

Barbara is concerned about her Sennie:


My 23 yr. old Senegal has stopped eating his Harrison’s pellets which he has been eating most of his life. 


He is eating fruit, veggies, Nutriberries & Avicakes. 


Should I be concerned? 


Should I try a different pellet?  Thank you for your help.



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Do Birds Get Coronavirus? I Had It About a Month Ago.

From: June S.


Subject: Re: Hi June ~ How to Remodel Cages to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior


Hi Mitch,


Do birds get coronavirus? I had it about a month ago.


My two parakeets have become so quiet and sleep alot.


I changed where I keep them thinking a change would help.


Some but not much.


Can they know I haven’t been very well?


Thank God I have recovered any thoughts?





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Are Vitamins Necessary When My Bird is on a Pellet Diet?

Michael G. asks:

Hi, Mitch.

I was using a powdered vitamin in Little Girl and Big Boy’s water. When I began using Roudybush pellets they recommended discontinuing the vitamin. I took them at their word and don’t see any ill effects after 8 months.

I’m wondering if birds are like I’ve been told about humans, rid themselves of unwanted vitamins?

We use a spray bottle on a mist regularly.

It is amazing to see their wingspan as it doesn’t seem possible they can spread out as they do! (more…)

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How Do We Stop Our Budgie from Over Preening Us?

Chris M. seeks budgie advice:

Hello, I enjoy your site and your advice very much.

My wife and I just got our hand raised Budgerigar, the bird is very affectionate and spends quite a bit of time on our shoulders.

Recently it has started to preen us, the issue is that it’s preening can be painful as it will focus on skin imperfections or small folds of skin and nip quite hard.


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