How Can I Help My Cockatiel’s Broken Wing Heal?

How Can I Help My Cockatiel’s Broken Wing Heal? Will it ever heal so he can fly again?

NOTE:  We do not advocate being your own avian vet except for emergencies when you cannot get the care you need.

If you can see the break you can use 2 very small cable ties and a coffee stir stick or cocktail straw as a splint to restrain the wing then introduce the sock (below).

If it’s a fracture go straight to the sock.


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Answers To Cockatiel Problems Including Swollen Tongues And Bumblefoot

12/24/2018 – My cockatiel has a swelling on the side of his tongue and the vet is off for the holidays. help!!


12/24/2018  – Dear Patricia

We are very sorry to hear your bird may be ill.


Of course, timing is often not right and our pets health issues may come at the wrong times.


This is beyond our experience and knowledge.


Yes, a trip to your Vet is the way to go.


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My Cockatiel Is Going Through Ascites.  

Name: Cynthia




I came across the story about your cockatiel Popcorn.


I am going through the exact same thing with my cockatiel.


Can you tell me the outcome?


I know it is likely grim.


Thank you, Cynthia and Bindi


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Answers For A Cockatiel Pulling Out His Wing Feathers And A Cockatiel With Cataracts

Dear Mitch I wanted to ask for your advice.

My male cockatiel is pulling his feathers out from under his wings.

I brought him to one avian vet who did blood work.

That was a dead end.

The 2nd vet sent droppings to a lab and that was negative.


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Popcorn Our Albino Cockatiel – Videos

Popcorn crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer

Popcorn’s Blue Plate Bath Special

[videopress pwJ6CIPj]


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What are the absolute worst types of parrots for a first-time bird owner?

Once again, although well-intentioned, people are breaking down your choices into the macro of species (Quora question).

One answer started with

  1. Cockatoos
  2. Macaws
  3. Amazons

Yet these three species come in close to a combined 100 flavors.


Major Mitchell cockatoos are not loud, and not necessarily cuddly


Bare eyed cockatoos are all but demure


Noble macaws are only 12 to 14 inches long.


Hyacinth macaws are up to 44 inches long – 4 times the size of a noble macaw.


You can’t compare the two just because the are macaws.


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Pikachu the Cockatiel Will Not Relieve Himself in His Cage
71688039 - funny parrot trained

Pikachu the Cockatiel Will Not Relieve Himself in His Cage

Hello Mitch,

Here’s my problem

Pikachu the cockatiel will not relieve himself in his cage.

He is usually out with us when we are home, and even insists on sleeping on me; but if we need to go out, he is caged for his safety.

However, if we are gone for the day, he will not poop.

He will wait until we let him out of the cage and make a humongous turd.

Should I be worried about this? Is it normal? I know we spoil him, and he is very attached to us, but I hate to see him suffer because of it.



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What Is Cockatiels Paralysis Syndrome AKA Lockjaw Syndrome AKA Bordetella Avium?

This ‘syndrome’ as vets are calling it, is referred to by many names as listed in the title of this article. For simplicity I will use the word Lockjaw.

First off, I would like to state that the following is from my own independent research while helping others and my own hands on personal experience.

I would also like to state upfront that I never bought into and was very skeptical on it being labeled Bordetella or B. Avium.


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Does an Inherited Cockatiel With a Bald Spot in an Aviary Need Foraging Toys?

There is no singular cockatiel related to the title of this post. Aside from providing expert advice to caged bird keepers I also have a passion for Search Engine Optimization as well as improving how I communicate our ideas. Apparently, I am the vortex of a digitally feathered world.

So in these stories, we’re going to talk about four unique cockatiels and their circumstances. Should anyone in our audience inherit a cockatiel with a bald spot living in an aviary with lots of foraging toys – you’re welcome.


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