How Many Conure Species Are There? You’d Be Amazed!
Green Cheek Conure perched on a branch

How Many Conure Species Are There? You’d Be Amazed!

Argentina Conure
Austral Conure
Azara’s Conure
Aztec Conure
Azuero Conure
Berlepsch’s Conure
Black-capped Conure
Black-hooded Conure
Black-masked Conure
Blaze-winged Conure
Blood-eared Conure
Blue-chested Conure
Blue-crowned Conure
Blue-throated Conure
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure
Brown-breasted Conure
Brown-throated Conure (more…)

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Can the lack of change in your bird’s life drive it’s bad behavior?

I received a phone call from a woman with a 15-year-old Blue Front Amazon.
He was in the original cage he had come home in 15 years ago.
The cage needed replacing and she was seeking a residential model.
Because he didn’t like being in the (24″ x 24″ brass) bird cage he had his own room.
In the room was his own futon.
He perched on top of the futon where he’d been whittling down the wood for a while and spent a lot of time under the futon on a blanket.


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What to do About My Cockatiels Cloudy Eyes?

G’morning Mitch,
I love to read your Sunday Birdie Brunch and look forward to receiving it each week.
Dusty is just about 3 years old. She is active, interactive, alert, happy, healthy, and sees the vet at least once a year. We feed her Kaytee ‘Healthy Support Diet’ food for cockatiels mixed with Vita Prima ‘sunscription’ conure formula.
Both are seeds and pellets. We put 2 drops of vitamins in her water in the morning with plain water during the day and evening. 

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Can My Bird Eat Dairy Products?

It’s important to remember, that although birds are warm-blooded unlike mammals, they hatch from eggs. The placenta is the delivery system for mammals providing nourishment to their embryos. Colostrum is the substance mammalian mothers produce which provides antibodies and essential nutrients for newborns.
Within a few days, mammalian mothers produce milk which is a combination of water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritional necessities. Mammals produce enzymes (lactase) that enable the digestion of lactose. 

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