Why Does My African Grey Picks His Feathers?

Rachel C. is concerned,

My African grey picks his feathers.

He has free roam of the house with a large perch in the living room.

He doesn’t like water and doesn’t like any toy I get him.

He does like the challenge of taking the lids off old pill bottles to find a treat.

He likes very few people.He definitely does not like little people. He goes outside with me and enjoys climbing around. I put him in the cage


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What Is the Deal With Parrots that Excessively Scream?

What Is the Deal With Parrots that Excessively Scream?

Excessive screaming is a learned behavior that we teach our birds.


Covering your feathered companion with a blanket only teaches him or her that you will cover the cage when the scream gets out of hand.


Yelling at a screaming parrot gives the parrot the attention it seeks. Ignoring a screaming parrot is not the answer either. 


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How Did I Cure My Grey’s Plucking Almost Over Night?

Michael G. relates:


I have a mystery! I have two African Greys. 


But first, a bit of history. 


They are in a large cage 3′ deep, 6′ high, and 5′ long. 


I rehomed them after 18 and 20 years with the female the oldest and banded while the male doesn’t have a band. 


She is pretty docile while he, after 2 years is still a bit afraid and likes to bite when she is startled. 



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Neighbor’s Are Suing Me for My Amazon’s Noise What Can I Do?

Pamela S writes:


I’ve 2 yellow Naples 37 and 40 years of age I’ve had since hand feeding. 


Recently after 26 years in this neighborhood my neighbor after 8 years has taken me to court for noise violation.


They’re outdoor cages in Fl. With 1 umbrella cockatoo in this heat, the judge said I should cover them which would kill them.



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Should I Give Meds to My Conure to Relax and Quiet Him Down?
7641302 - green cheek conure parrot on top of blue cage against an off-white background

Should I Give Meds to My Conure to Relax and Quiet Him Down?

I rescued a male conure aged 3 yrs. Gino, is mean and a biter….No matter what I do. New cage. Change and varied foods. Very loud squawking


I adore him. He doesn’t feel the same. Meds to relax and quiet him down?!


Grama’s wondering



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Why Did My 3 yo Milagold Macaw Start Plucking Out of the Blue?

Richard writes:

I have a 3-year-old Milagold Macaw, and his name is Rainbow.

Rainbow likes to bite and nibble things, like my clothes, my arm and whatever he can get.

How do I get him to stop, my arm has a lot of bruises from this, is there bird training classes for this or do I just tape his mouth close (LOL) please tell me what I should do?


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Is There A Hormone To Calm My Over Sexed African Grey Parrot?

I have had my male African grey parrot for 28 years.

When he matured sexually years ago he started plucking.

I have him on a plumage supplement now and he has lots of new quills and looks much better.

However, he humps my arm with a thick sweater on.

He goes to completion if I let him once a day.


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CBD Oil – Miracle Cure For Birds Or Just The New Snake Oil

On June 2, 2018 I responded to the question:


I, for the most part, pleaded ignorance and suggested that he not give his African Grey CBD oil based on my “spidey sense.”


Now I’m seeing more conversations about the use of CBD oil on all sorts of animals but obviously, my concern is the effects of CBD oil on our pet birds.


Let’s take a deep dive into the subject, shall we?


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Solving This Greys Feather Plucking With A New Nano Environment

Spoiler alert: This post and discussion illustrate how I reached my diagnosis:

Jan is plucking his feathers because his feet hurt.
He’s using his food dish to sleep.
This helps avoid pressure to the bottom of his feet  which he feels when they grip the smooth dowel rod perch.
That’s why he plucks in the sleeping cage – he wants the pain to ease.


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