Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

Indian ringnecks are marvelous birds and I’ve had the great fortune to live with the species in two different households.

They’re not big birds they weigh an average of 115 g about the body size of a Senegal or a fat cockatiel but the long tail gives the impression that it’s a much larger bird.

The overall length of the bird must be taken into consideration when choosing the right birdcage and especially the travel carrier.

They can be quite tame and are a relatively good talker.

Below you will find three curated questions about Indian ringnecks that found us one way or another and we felt sharing solutions would be helpful.


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Exploring Indian Ringnecks

Indian ringnecks aka Rose-winged parrots

Editors note: Approximately 20% of parrots are sexually dimorphic meaning sex can be determined by color. Male Eclectus parrots are green, female Eclectus are red (with good reason)

Male budgies generally have a blue cere and female’s, a brown cere. Male Indian ringnecks are the ones with the rings.

Lisa L. G

So I have some questions about IRN’s.

Now all the research I read says NOT to train them for a year as they need this time to get to know their new flock (me, the dogs, and my husband). he took to me right off the bat. My hubby, he is leery of.. like runs away. Have any tips for them to connect?


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