Why 4 Roommates 2 Feathered and 2 Humans Need to Work Things Out.

Jan 9, 6:36pm

Hello, I have two Caiques. The first we have had for 6 years and is sweet mostly. The second, we introduced about 2 years ago. At first, the two about killed each other, but now they are friends.

However, the second caique does have an issue with wanting to be super nice to me and then all of the sudden out for blood. It goes for fingers, almost always. I am fairly sure it had a bad childhood and feel awful for it. It has some great times, but then sometimes will revert and attack. It goes in phases.

I am curious if you have any ideas of how to break this? Currently, to hold the bird or get it, most times I need to have a towel, which it is so smart to hold it’s wings out so I cannot wrap it up. It flips out from the towel also so I cannot grab it, always going for fingers and biting. Thank you for any information! Sometimes I’m at my wits end with this bird, but have been trying and trying to make it have a great life.


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Hormonal Changes Are Coming to Your Bird This Spring What’s Your Plan?

Americans have the ACLU – Captive birds in America have Windy City Parrot.

Part of a call from Hawaii at the Birdie Boutique

“I suggest72 hours of constant light, meaning the bird would be in its cage for 3 days, with the lights on”.

Cage birdkeepers response “she’ll never go for something like that

My email response

As an advocate for pet birds, I wanted to follow up on your lovebird’s reproductive issues.

If a child is sick, he or she does not determine whether or not to accept care.

Although you state your bird would “have nothing to do with it” – she can easily be locked in a cage for three days for her own good so as to extend her life.


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Why Cage Timeouts Will Not Solve Your Birds Biting Problem

A little bit about Facebook private groups. Because they are private groups, I cannot share the content that the members post nor any of the photos or videos from that group because they are “private“.

That said, the subjects themselves are well worth sharing so the only content from the group discussion will be that of mine with just a synopsis of how the problem was related to the Facebook group.

The conversation started about what the gentleman had referred to as a “hard tip” feather that was annoying the bird. Not surprisingly he got bit when he tried to pull the feather out. Not understanding the impact of what we call a broken blood feather as innocuous as it sounds can be responsible for the death of a pet bird.


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Clicker Training Videos for Birds – From Tricks to Flight

It is opaque to me as to why caged bird keepers refuse to embrace clicker training. We spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars on birds, equipment, toys, accessories, and food (thank you very much) but we spend so little time actually “training” these incredibly smart animals.

Much like those taking their dogs for a “drag” in the morning on my way to work – I see no control exerted by the humans.

Isn’t having a pet that responds positively to your behavior requests infinity more enjoyable?


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Short Circuit From Love to Attack Behavior With My Rainbow Lory Recently

Connie S wrote:

I looked at the anatomy of a bird’s brain that you had in a recent email.

I would like to know more about the portion that says: Short Circuit from love to attack behavior!

That is happening with my rainbow lory recently.

He is 18 years old and has suddenly started attacking my hand when I reach to have him climb on my finger.

Otherwise, he hangs out with me with no problem – when I’m sitting in a chair or lying on the bed. (more…)

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My Conure Went to the Library and Won

Oh No! My Conure Went to the Library Alone and Won’t Come Home

Retrieving Escaped or Stolen Parrots: Part Three

A Surprise Flight Lets Mango Fly to the Library Trees and How He was Retrieved

I am a proponent of clipping wings. I know not everyone feels this way, but I’ve had a cockatiel break his neck flying into a mirror when a loud, unfamiliar noise outside frightened him and other bad experiences with flighted companion parrots.


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Why Is My Bird Suddenly Biting Me?

I am so torn by my bird’s recent behavior. While I was cleaning his cage this morning, I let him roam. He was well behaved. He started pecking at the carpet and I said “No” in a stern voice. Of course, he fluffed up and waddled around.

When I finished, I gave him his bath which he loved. He just goes to the top of his cage and I spray and sing to him. After that, I got the cape I usually wear when holding him. He got all excited and came right up to my shoulder. He nuzzled and kiss my ear many times.


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Banjo, the African Grey
African Grey Parrot - Psittacus erithacus in front of a white background

Banjo, the African Grey

I have an African Grey who simply loves only me.

However, when I let him out of his cage to wander around, he insists on biting my woodwork! Is there anything I can do to stop this behavior?

When he does this, I put him back in his cage. He really doesn’t want to go and ruffles his feathers.




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