What are the absolute worst types of parrots for a first-time bird owner?

Once again, although well-intentioned, people are breaking down your choices into the macro of species (Quora question).

One answer started with

  1. Cockatoos
  2. Macaws
  3. Amazons

Yet these three species come in close to a combined 100 flavors.


Major Mitchell cockatoos are not loud, and not necessarily cuddly


Bare eyed cockatoos are all but demure


Noble macaws are only 12 to 14 inches long.


Hyacinth macaws are up to 44 inches long – 4 times the size of a noble macaw.


You can’t compare the two just because the are macaws.


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Is My Blue and Gold Macaw Biting Me Because of Displaced Anger?

Nancy H wrote:

Dear Mitch and Catherine,

I own a Blue and Gold Macaw that I’ve had for 23 years, I love him dearly as he’s been, my little companion and roommate.

The problem is and I’m hoping you can help is that I’m not able to have my family or friends over because Bernard will literally take a tantrum screaming until I go in and get him and bring him out to see who’s there and when I go to bring him back to his cage, he bites me hard with displaced anger.


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Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

Name: Inna M


We have a 7 year old African grey.

Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.

We are having problems with his behavior.

He attacks.

He bites.

He is angry.

He only obeys one person in the house.

Is it too late to train him? Who can we turn to?

Thank you.


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Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

Were not going to start with bird bites because we’ll be talking about several first-aid challenges you may face having a bird or two in your home for several decades.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being prepared for disaster and certainly life’s cuts and scrapes.  

I’ve personally sutured a dog in a garage (after 5 minutes of training by my vet) 🙂


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7 Budgie And Parakeet Questions Answered

Question about Male Parakeet.


Every time I put my arm in the cage he attacks it, or he flies at me when I look in the cage.


My female looks depressed like she would rather he move out.


She used to be so happy.


I got her first, then him a couple of months after.


She would sing, and play with her toys.



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What Is a Good Summary About How It Is to Own Parrots (Macaws Specifically)?
29715768 - set parrots and parakeets

What Is a Good Summary About How It Is to Own Parrots (Macaws Specifically)?

I don’t know that there’s enough storage space on the Quora servers to answer this.


I read that parrots are loud, noisy, and messy – a lot.

Then again so are children.

Let’s start with a top-level explanation.

Pet people in the disciple category will always react negatively towards the word own preferring instead to call it pet bird companionship.

In reality, birds are the most owned pets we can have.

We have to lock them up in a bird jail.


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We’ve Learned How Much We Know and Don’t Know About Captive Bird Care After Taking the Exam

Find the Birdy IQ exam here if you haven’t taken it

Of the first 170 exams we had a 25% pass with 75% correct answers to 44 multiple and true/false questions

Please share your comments below terms if you think this helped or did not.

What else would you like to see?

more questions and/or explanations to the answers.

Please comment below


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