Are Vitamins Necessary When My Bird is on a Pellet Diet?

Are Vitamins Necessary When My Bird is on a Pellet Diet?

Michael G. asks:

Hi, Mitch.

I was using a powdered vitamin in Little Girl and Big Boy’s water. When I began using Roudybush pellets they recommended discontinuing the vitamin. I took them at their word and don’t see any ill effects after 8 months.

I’m wondering if birds are like I’ve been told about humans, rid themselves of unwanted vitamins?

We use a spray bottle on a mist regularly.

It is amazing to see their wingspan as it doesn’t seem possible they can spread out as they do! (more…)

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Can You Recommend a Shallow Parakeet Bowl ?

Can You Recommend a Shallow Parakeet Bowl ?

Mary H. needs advice:

Can you recommend a shallow parakeet feeder bowl?

The one I have is 2 1/4 ” deep and the birds have to lean all the way in to eat.

Also, I can’t tell when the food is gone and just hulls left.

I tried an ‘auto feeder’ but the seed doesn’t feed down properly.

Thank you very much


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