How Do I Stop My Bird From Laying Eggs?

It’s important to review egg-laying problems on a regular basis.

The discussion below will focus on single egg-laying instances and prolific egg-laying.

Other aspects of egg-laying encompass egg binding.

This is when the egg doesn’t make it out of the oviduct, the area between the uterus and cloaca on its own.

Another problem is when eggs are laid internally.


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How To Keep Budgies Warm And Plump For Winter

Wintertime in NSW Australia

G’day from Down Under,

Here in Tamworth, we are just about to go into winter.

Editors note: that’s early June Endnote

The temperature can occasionally get as low as -10c (14f), usually about 0 to -2c.

I was hoping you can advise me on what to do to look after my two little budgies and green cheeked conure through the worst of it. (more…)

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Do Dowel Perches Harm Budgies Feet – Avian Diabetes – Shoes – Avocados

Notably absent from the prior answers (on Quora) are the words “and I inspect my bird’s feet by flipping him over and examining his feet under a magnifying glass on a regular basis.”


As a vendor of bird cages and accessories for over 25 years, we advise people to take the dowel rod perches out of the cage immediately upon assembly.


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How This Blind Couple Handles 4 Parrots

Debra C. writes:

I enjoyed the article entitled “Should Blind People Own Pet Birds“.

My husband and I are both totally blind.

I am 62 and Barry my husband is 67.

I have kept birds most of my adult life since I was in my early 20s.

I have never had a really large bird the largest being my precious male blue-headed Pionus, Andy.

I also have 3 budgies, Jade, Turquoise, and Lavender.


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Will My Quaker Parrot Warm Up To My Cockatiel And Budgie

Katie L. Asks

Is there ever a chance my Quaker Parrot Blu will warm up to my other birds?

He just turned 1, I’ve had him since he was a baby.

We got Winnie the Cockatiel as a baby about 6 months after Blu and just a few weeks ago Chip the parakeet joined our flock.

Blu isn’t as aggressive w/Winnie at this point, but he used to stalk her.

He loved pulling a feather or biting her toes and as a result, Winnie is scared of Blu and little baby Chip.


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My Budgies Beak Broke Off – Can I Fix It?

Stevie Van Zandt requested your answer

I have a rescue budgie, the top of his beak was almost totally gone, just barely hanging. We have NO vet in my area and nobody specializes in birds. I removed what was hanging and she seems ok, I made a “mush” for her to eat. Will the beak grow back?


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Answers For Breeding And Feeding Budgies

Hello, My 2 parakeets had been mating & the hen has been laying 14-15 eggs so far.


After the first 9, the male who had been guarding the nest abandoned the eggs.


It seemed they are all unfertilized after looking at them under a bright flashlight.


Then they started building another nest under the table where I keep all their supplies (inside a bucket).



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