Can I Grab My Parakeets While In Their Cage

Can I Grab My Parakeets While In Their Cage

First of all, people who state absolute truths about bird care as in yes and no have much to learn.

To answer this question with an emphatic “no”, begs even more queries:

  1. It’s time to take the bird to the vet, how do I get it from cage to carrier?
  2. The bird is sick or injured in the cage, now what?
  3. How do I get the bird to examine it?
  4. What if I need to weigh the bird?

If you just want to let the bird out by opening the cage door have you examined your home?


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How Can I Tame Two Adult Budgies at Once?

How can I tame two adult budgies at once?


I would rather not buy two bird cages.

mitchr explains:

It’s been recently discovered that the first parrot breeders in North America existed almost 1000 years ago.


Birds on the other hand existed freely around the planet for about 99 million years prior to humans containment of them.


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Why Captive Birds Don’t Need To Learn How To Fly

File under “the universe is too complicated to be arbitrary” which begs the question “does a dyslexic agnostic believe in dog?”


From our Birdie Bruch reader Betsy L.


THANK YOU for today’s (9/11/16) birdy brunch!  It was perfectly timed….


Yesterday evening, a Quaker parrot landed on my friend’s head while he was out on his deck (near Lawrence and Kedzie – in Chicago).


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A Better Bird Ep 12 Migrating 6 Budgies From Cage To Aviary – Video

I’ve often said the universe is too complex to be arbitrary.

We brought home a Prevue F040 birdcage for our six budgies, but once built we clearly felt it was too small.

It sat in our living room for about three weeks.

During that time we received a phone call and long story short we ended up rescuing a 17-year-old male African ringneck.


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