How Do I Rescue Someone Else’s Macaw?

Shelly A. wants to help another owner’s macaw


There is a greenhouse that changed hands a year ago, and they have a Macaw named Baby, in a chain link dog kennel type enclosure with one toy, no perches, no real interaction, and lives on parrot kibble like a stray dog. 


I’ve spoken with an employee, but Baby doesn’t have an owner, just a business bird that nobody really takes care of.


The employees do the best they can, I just recently moved into this area or I would have done something sooner.



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In Response to “Do You Serve Your Pet Bird Chop?”

Sherry L. comments:

Yes, my birds are fed ‘chop’ (Arlo the grey, calls it ‘bobbity’) This is a new term for what I have done for 28+ years.

Chop is chopped veg, grains, and sometimes, a tiny bit of seed sprinkled on top or a bit of walnut, or something.

I used to cut the vegetables larger because Arlo was pretty accepting of lots of things, and I didn’t have a food processor.

I also (now) feed Arlo a pelleted diet, along with the chop.

She also gets a small amount of fruit, and sometimes about an inch square of chicken breast (baked) or some steamed scallop (yum).


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I Have Questions About the 72 Hour Circadian Reset Technique

Bill P. asks:


I have questions about the 72-hour circadian reset technique.


1. During the day portion of the 72 hour period would there be a problem with taking the bird, Blue and Gold Macaw out of her cage for food, exercise, and to interact with the family.


2. Can you provide clinical references pertaining to this technique?



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How Do I Transition 8 Amazons and 2 Macaws to a Large Aviary?

Barb H. asks:


I’d appreciate advice on integrating parrots into a 36′ X 10 communal aviary for 8 amazons & 2 macaws.


These birds have all lived together in the same room divided by partitions. Although separated, they can see each other and communicate.


Since they’re familiar with each other, I’m hoping for a painless transition.



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Why is It So Critical to Know Different Pet Bird Species?

Why is it so important to understand the differences between bird species?


I’m not ashamed to say we get more deliveries from Amazon (like most Americans) then we care to talk about.


This week a new Amazon driver “Patrick” handed off an envelope then said “I’ve never been here before – this place looks cool.”



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What Sacrifices Do We Make To Rescue Pet Birds?
Parrot inside a wardrobe with the door destroyed

What Sacrifices Do We Make To Rescue Pet Birds?

S***h writes


Dear Mitch, I was glad that you put that sick animal abuser in his or her place when you responded to the “Duct taped Cockatoo” post.


I once rescued a poor blue and gold that was up in a tree for three days.


Its owner was absent and I believe that she was mentally ill, but that’s no excuse for the perch that I found on the apartment property that had lots of duct tape where the parrot perched and the amount of neglect that I saw that the poor Macaw had been through.



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How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw And Other Macaw Species Advice

“The only thing a Hyacinth macaw needs is an adult tricycle”

A big shout out to Carl Bryant mentioning Windy City Parrot where the sun never sets empire and our avian-centric Birdie Brunch served every Sunday morning at 7 AM wherever you are on the planet in answer 2 of the Quora question How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw?


Let’s continue to answer one.


“If you don’t know anything about parrots. for God’s sake do not get a Hyacinth Macaw!”


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Can A Macaw Parrot Get Cataracts?

Can you do anything for this?

I have a Catalina macaw she is 30.

Her right eye seems to be not as clear as her left. It’s like a very lite graying.

Sometimes she bumps into things.

Her diet consists of seeds and pellets she also gets prime vitamins in her water

Also a little treat from our dinner plates at night.




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Does Styptic Powder On Blood Feathers Hurt My Bird?

Does Styptic Powder On Blood Feathers Hurt My Bird?

Sarah writes:

Hi Mitch,


I’m a 25-year parrot rescue and parrot care specialist. 


In reading your blog about “Should a blind person care for a parrot,”. 


I was reading the blind woman’s response and her description about putting styptic powder on a blood feather. 


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