What are the absolute worst types of parrots for a first-time bird owner?

Once again, although well-intentioned, people are breaking down your choices into the macro of species (Quora question).

One answer started with

  1. Cockatoos
  2. Macaws
  3. Amazons

Yet these three species come in close to a combined 100 flavors.


Major Mitchell cockatoos are not loud, and not necessarily cuddly


Bare eyed cockatoos are all but demure


Noble macaws are only 12 to 14 inches long.


Hyacinth macaws are up to 44 inches long – 4 times the size of a noble macaw.


You can’t compare the two just because the are macaws.


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Should I Be Concerned My Peach-faced Lovebird Made an Egg?

Unfertilized, she has no mate.

Yesterday my lovebird was a tiny velociraptor defending her nest, and I’ve been watching her ‘egg bum’ for a couple of days, now.

This morning she was bouncy and happy, apparently relieved of her butt burden, but this is not over, her bum is still looking eggy. Lovebirds usually have 5 eggs in a clutch..?


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How to determine the sex of a Love Bird

Love Birds are prolific shredders The females will pack their rump feathers with the shredded paper Males will make confetti

This helps them carry more nesting material back to the nest. In Love Birds, three of the nine species are dimorphic. A species is dimorphic if the cock is visibly different in color from the hen.

The following three love bird species, Madagascar Love Bird, Red-faced Love Bird, and Abyssinian Love Bird, fall into this category.


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